31 May - 02 June

No Rolls Barred @ UK Games Expo

Watch the cast of the popular YouTube channel No Rolls Barred do an in person Board Game Club, live in front of you, our audience!

No Rolls Barred is a comedy board gaming channel that showcases just how much fun board gaming can be, gathering comedic talents and expert board gamers together to see how outrageously entertaining that mish mash of players are.

It promises to be full of eclectic fun, frolics and ridiculousness as we see some of the silliest board gamers on the planet compete to see who can win it all in front of hundreds of people.

It’s going to be an hour of stupidity, needless spitefulness and a lot of questionably good puns. It’s going to be an hour of thrills, spills, and comical voices. It’s going to be an hour of absurd plays, betrayals, and poorly done impressions!

So come and join us, and always remember to get on board!

Please note in addition to the event ticket you also require a Show Entry Ticket. 

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