Laurie Blake

Head of Production

A vile and insidious creature (ginger), powered by pettiness and prone to fits of explosive rage, Laurie is the Keeper of the Big Book of Grudges. Each page of this mighty, and mostly imaginary, tome is bursting at the seams with each perceived, snub, slight and insult levelled against Laurie. And he will pay them back… in this life or the next.

Sullivan Brown

Content Producer

Sullivan is an extremely silly man who enjoys cups of tea and Chelsea Football Club. Though rubbish at most board games, Sullivan has managed to make a living by being entertainingly stupid.

Dom Allen

Resident Genius

Dom is the terrifying dictator that would like nothing more than to run all of YouTube under his terrifying reign. Known for his incredible interpretations of both Joseph Stalin and Margaret Thatcher, he plans on portraying all of history’s greatest monsters.

Blair Shepperd

Cast Member

Blair Shepperd is one of the few members of No Rolls Barred who is known to have magical abilities. Not only does she grow bigger and better every year, she also can transform into the character Toad at a moments notice without people even asking or wanting her to.

Rosie Nicholls

Cast Member

Rosie is a pinwheeling lunatic. Known for her excellent interpretations of ‘Wingsuit Simpleton’ and ‘The Hippo Shaped like America’, she has also turned her artistic eye to the set of No Rolls Barred and our beautiful table.

Jon Gracey

Cast Member

Jon has been known to unravel like a ball of string when the first bit of pressure is put upon him. The 2024 Lord of the Board is consistently paranoid and prone to self destruction when he is suspicious people are working against him, even in co-op games.

Holly Musgrave

Cast Member

Holly is the self proclaimed ‘least competitive’ person in the world. Never to be trusted in a social deduction game, Holly will always seem good when playing evil and always seem evil when playing good.

Tilly Steele

Cast Member

Tilly is one of the greatest role-players ever seen. Her characters of Harry Peeps and Del Marshwalker depict two very different characters that find it incredibly difficult to flirt with women.

Ken Cheng

Cast Member

Ken is the least flappable of the cast, being consistently cool, calm and collected. He is a professional poker player and by far the most chaotic in social deduction games. So chaotic, he can even have perfect information about the evil team and still appear untrustworthy.