This or That with Tilly and Dom

Strategy or Luck?

Dom: Oh. Strategy for me.

Tilly: Luck because I lack the ability to strategise.

Dom: And I don’t have any luck. I don’t have any luck at all.

Tilly: That’s true (laughs).

Co-op or Competitive? 

Tilly: I don’t know. It depends on the game, right? Sometimes with co-op games I find themself thinking, “Why are we all here?” Whereas with competitive games, there’s something spurring you know. Even though I pretty much always lose, there’s at least a possibility that I might win.

Dom: In reality, I find competitive games much more stressful. But equally, I don’t want all that dead weight. I don’t want to be carrying people through a game.

Tilly: I don’t think you’ve ever been stressed while playing a game.

Dom: Ah, I keep it secret.

Tilly: That doesn’t sound like you.

Dom: It’s why I lash out at people.

Tilly: I don’t think you’ve ever lashed out at me. I don’t think you’ve ever lashed out at anyone.

Dom: (laughs) Shut up! You’re ruining my cool!

Dice rolling or Card drawing?

Tilly: I like a good deck of cards.

Dom: Nah. I like dice because with cards, even if someone has shuffled them, they might not have shuffled them very well. Whereas dice are magical objects that are imbued with power.

Tilly: This is true.

Dom: If you’re not rolling well, it’s because they hate you. And you can punish dice. There’s nothing you can do about cards. You can swap dice, but you can’t swap cards. I know that doesn’t make sense in the real world, but in my head it does. And everyone thinks that way. Everyone thinks, “Oh, these dice are no good. I need to get some new dice. That’ll change everything.”

Tilly: I think with cards things feel more fated to appear. Whereas with dice, I can mess it up. When a dice roll fails, I feel like I did it wrong as opposed to the dice. Maybe that says something about me. I don’t know.

Party Games or Deep Strategy Games? 

Tilly: Party games every time for me. There’s nothing that fills me with dread more than having to learn rules. And I also like party games because a lot of the time you get to know things about people that you wouldn’t previously. Whereas with strategy games, all you really get to know about someone is how intelligent they are in that specific realm, and how competitive they are, which are usually things I already know about people.

Dom: You know, I think I’d go party games as well. I love deep strategy if it’s a single player computer game, but if it’s a board game, well, I do enjoy it because I love Diplomacy and those sorts of games. But if it’s a complex, crunchy Eurogame I enjoy it until I start to lose. Then I find it incredibly anger-inducing. So, as long as I’m winning I’m happy.

Tilly: Dom is very into Crusader Kings etc, on the PC, which is very strategy heavy. He tried to teach me it once but I think I lack that bit of my brain. I enjoyed playing it, mainly because things pop up that are like “Your sister has married your brother and killed you” which is pretty funny. I kind of played it like The Sims and I think you need to have a bit more about you to figure out what’s going on.

Dom: There is a board game for it now. I’ve had a quick look and it seems insanely complicated. Wait, was it Crusader Kings? No, it was Europa Universalis, that was it. It’s another game in that series. The board games that they’ve made looks so intense, even by my standards (laughs).

Tabletop gaming or Online gaming?

Tilly: I think tabletop. Online gaming with other people, no, definitely not. Online gaming with people you know can be fun, but I feel tabletop is always more fun.

Dom: Yeah, I’d go with tabletop. If it’s in person then it’s always more fun. That social element – drinking a few drinks, eating a pizza – it’s great.

Tilly: But we’ve been having a good time in our online Cthulhu game that Dom’s running. It’s probably the longest-running game we have. Not because we’re playing it all the time. Everyone is so busy that it takes ages to organise.

Board games based on movies or movies based on board games? 

Tilly: I don’t know that I’ve done either…

Dom: Board games based on movies, I think.

Tilly: What games are based on movies are there? There’s Battleships, featuring Rhianna. I haven’t watched that.

Dom: It sounds dreadful.

Tilly: Yeah, I think it might’ve got 1* across the board… I’ve played The Thing. That was good. It’s based on a film, right?

Dom: Yep. Jaws is great. A Lot of the Dune games are great, though I supposed they’re based on a book. Or based on a film based on a book… 100% board games based on films, not films based on board games. They’re making a Monopoly movie. Did you see that?

Tilly: Yeah, I did.

Dom: Actually there’s a notable exception – the Clue movie. That was a really good film.

Tilly: I haven’t seen it. I need to see it.

Dom: It’s really good. It has loads of alternate endings.

Tilly: How did they do that in the cinema?

Dom: I don’t think they did. I think they just did different releases and then they released a super-cut. Or maybe not. I can’t remember. When I watched it on TV, at the end it was like, “Maybe it wasn’t that,” and they’d give a whole other explanation as to why it was Colonel Mustard or whoever. It was good fun.

Playing a game where you build something (like cities or civilisations) or destroy something (like battle games)?

Tilly: I think I find it quite satisfying to build something but I also get distracted by my need to collect things. Then I lose the game because I’ve just been building my little townstead and I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

Dom: I’d go with building purely because I’m a megalomaniac.

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