This or That with Holly and Blair

Role-playing or Puzzle-solving?

Blair: Oh, that’s so tricky. I love both! If we’re talking just board games, then probably role-playing. But if we’re talking video games, then probably puzzle solving.

Holly: This is really hard. I think it has to be role-playing but I feel like Professor Layton would hate me for that (laughs). And I love Professor Layton so much. I’m sorry Hershel! But no, I’m going to have to go with role-playing.

Blair: Role-playing as the final answer?

Holly: Yes, buzz in. Role-playing is the final answer!

Co-op or Competitive? 

Blair: Another tricky one.

Holly: Oh, it’s easy for me – co-op. Don’t get me wrong, I do like a competitive game, and I can be very competitive, but I ADORE a co-op. I love working together…and still losing. It’s great!

Blair: I’m really competitive. I love co-op games. If it’s a two-player game I think that’s where it really sings. Any more than that then competitive for sure.

Dice rolling or Card drawing?

Blair: Hmm, I love a card game, but I really love dice rolling too. Machi Koro is my game. I never lose because I just have such crazy luck.

Holly: I think I can give people bad luck on their dice rolls. Dan Layton will not play dice roll games with me. He’s always like, “Stop it! Stop it! I said you’re not allowed to use witchcraft in games with me.” It’s very funny. So yeah, I love dice rolls. I love card draws as well but dice rolls win for me.

Legacy games or Stand-alone games? 

Blair: I think you get such incredible experiences out of legacy games that you never forget. You can’t really get that in standalone games. But then, it’s so nice that you can just play a standalone game at any time with anyone. With a legacy game you have to have a specific group. I think because of that, I’m going to go with standalone. I do love legacy games though.

Holly: I think it’s hard to get people together for legacy games, but once you’ve started everyone knows they have to make time to do it. If I have to choose between legacy or standalone games then I’m going with legacy. I love a standalone game but I think legacy games level things up and create these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Blair: Plus legacy games lend themselves so well to roleplaying.

Holly: Yeah. I finished Ticket to Ride Legacy recently. Now I’m playing King’s Dilemma for the second time. I love it. I absolutely love it. It feels like watching episodes of your favourite TV show, as opposed to only your favourite episode. It’s so good.

Kickstarter games or Classic games?

Blair: I think that Kickstarter games are amazing. It’s so cool to have that option out there for people who aren’t in a big company and need to get funding. Also, they tend to make things that are really cool because they’re passion projects. I’ve seen so many amazing games come out of Kickstarter.

Holly: I have a friend who Kickstarts a lot of games, and I get the benefit of playing those games with her. Honestly, they are always my favourite game days, where you’re like, “This is a brand new game, it’s just arrived in the post, and there are always so many bits.”

Blair: Yes! There’s so many bits. Kickstarter games always have to throw in so many bits to get people invested. Like, you get the shiny coins and stuff like that. I love that. I just really love…things.

Holly: You do. You absolutely love things (laughs). But yeah, I would probably go Kickstarter over classic games. Whenever I think of classic games I just think of games like Monopoly or Cluedo. I’d definitely pick Kickstarter over them.

Blair: I think classic is anything that hasn’t come from Kickstarter, which, you know, there’s loads of stuff.

Holly: But there are so many great things coming from Kickstarter.

Blair: Yeah. I think I’m going to go with Kickstarter too because of all the bits and minis.

Play with someone who overthinks every move or someone who never pays attention? 

Holly: Oh, easy! Someone who overthinks every move. Sure, it’s frustrating and it takes a long time, but they care and they’re going to create really interesting situations. Somebody who is not paying attention, well, why are they even here?

Blair: Yeah, just leave. Go away! (laughs) Unless it’s a cat or dog that’s taken their attention. That I can understand.

Holly: In which case, let’s all pet the cat. Why are we playing a game when there’s a cat?

Play a game missing one piece or with too many rules? 

Blair: I think there’re ways around both, right? Say with the missing piece, you can get a piece from another game and use that instead. Unless it has to fit into a specific thing, then that would be annoying. Or it’s an escape room sort of game.

Holly: Or if it’s important that everything matches. Too many rules is fine…when they’re good rules. If they’re written badly and there’s no point and it doesn’t make the game better, then it’s like, why? Too many though, that implies that there are, well, too many. It’s not a game with lots of rules, it’s a game with too many rules. This could be a million rules.

Blair: A million is definitely too many! See, I don’t mind having to learn a bunch of rules, but missing a piece is an easier fix.

Holly: It’s not just a bunch of rules though. It’s TOO MANY.

Blair: (laughs) You’re right. A bunch of rules is fine, but TOO MANY…

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