Support For The Dommunist Party Soars

In a major coup for the Dommunist Party this week, it was announced that the movement’s official t-shirt became the number one selling garment in No Rolls Barred history. While exact numbers are shrouded in some secrecy, a party spokesperson claimed that the figure to be ‘in the four-figure range.’ We did send an NRB reporter to party headquarters to validate this several days ago, but they are yet to return.

The movement’s leader appeared to be in an unusually jubilant mood upon hearing of the roaring success of his first merchandise. “This marks a landslide victory for the party’s battle against the dirty capitalist dogs. However, there is still considerable scope for growth,” he continued. “I have a full list of those who got to their check-out section of the website but then questioned their allegiance and ceased their transaction. I will be visiting each of them personally in the coming days for a detailed explanation as to why? It’s not too late for those on my list to reconsider their apparent treachery. You have been warned!”

The ‘Join the Dommunist Party’ is one of several different designs, including both t-shirts and hoodies, released to celebrate the launch of our brand-new website. Check them out today in the shop section of