RPGs To Watch Out For In 2024

By Dan Layton

2023 was a banner year for the RPG, with one of gaming’s oldest genres undergoing a popularity boom that’s brought hoards of new players around tables across the world, and even led to Dungeons and Dragons finally being adapted into a major motion picture (which this writer happened to enjoy very much thank you.).

Seasoned players will be well aware, but fortunately there have been a legion of gamesmakers toiling over brand new adventures and worlds that are waiting for players to gather and immerse themselves into.

Whether you’re in it for long haul or you’re coaxing curious players into your hobby, here are just some of the titles set for release in 2024 to whet your appetite…



From the team behind Critical Role, who describe it as a “Fresh take on the fantasy RPG,” and promise long-term gaming with “rich character progression,” this game seems to be positioned as an entry-level game for those who might have played a few D&D campaign and are curious about dipping their toes into the wider RPG waters.

It was previewed at GenCon in 2023, and has been praised for blending aspects of various game, taking inspiration from multiple sources to create a game with a brand new energy. Particularly intriguing is the check system, being built around the use of two separate coloured dice that represent “Hope” and “Fear”, and which define how a player’s check is made.

Eat the Reich

“A pun that got out of hand,” say Rowan, Rook and Deckard about their twisted little game. Players are vampire commandos dropped into occupied Paris and charged with the task of battling through various Nazi forces with the main objective being…well…to drink the blood of Adolf Hitler.

Designed to be completed in three sessions of “carnage, blood magic, meaningful flashbacks and hundreds upon hundreds of extremely dead fascists,” it may not be a premise for the faint at heart, but it will certainly get their blood pumping.

Working of a Havoc Engine dice system to encourage creative violence and with iconic characters designed to be levelled up, it’s one to spice up your shelf.


In the One Land, a virus called the Frenzy has been let loose, sending Kaiju-esque monsters into violent, self-destructive rages, before leaping onto a new and stronger host.

Players take on the role of Wilders, roaming the land wielding giant kitchen utensils seeking to restore harmony to the land and all those who reside within it by hunting, healing and ultimately eating any they can’t save in order to become stronger.

Using a simple dice pool system, you’ll go on quests and take part in a brilliant combat style that blends high-energy action with classic puzzle solving skills, approaching the task at hand from a multitude of different angles. Bon appetit.

Through the Hedgerow

Scheduled to drop in August of this year, don’t be filled by the quaint nature of this game’s title. Players of this fantasy TTRPG are charged with protecting the very soul of the countryside from the encroaching forces of darkness.

Inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman, Phillip Pullman and more, you’ll be using a checks and challenges system to play as characters you create, ranging from the mortal to the fantastical.

Becoming a member of the Knights of the Briar Company, you’ll be tasked with fighting against wicked Fay lords, hags and, according to the description from publishers Osprey games, “undead hordes bringing death to the land.” Good gracious. Might want to clutch your scone a bit closer.

Triangle Agency

Billed as “Paranormal Investigation through a Corporate lens,” a wickedly satirical sensibility is laced through this new game from Haunted Table. You’ll play as field agents capturing supernatural Anomalies that threaten the fabric of reality, all while working under the control of the titular Triangle Agency

The thing that really sticks out here is a brilliant device in the character creation stage. As you’re building your character’s back story, you’ll describe relationships – say with your manager – and another player at the table will take on the role-playing aspect of that character. If you’ve ever sat quietly as your mind wanders while your DM has an extended NPC conversation with themselves, this is an inspired solution that manages to keep every player involved with their creative juices flowing.

Inspired by classic paranormal TV (it has big X-Files energy), each session is designed to act as a complete narrative in its own right, while still ultimately serving a wider narrative.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness

As the cliche would have it, nostalgia is a hell of a drug, and never is that more true than here with resurrection of the classic 80s RPG. Cowabunga, indeed!

The original game was famous for the wild mutant characters its players would be able to concoct through a few rolls of their dice, and that is still central to this reissue. Once you’ve created the character, you’re off on adventures that can range from the darkest recesses of the Big City or far flung exotic dimensions.

If you’re a turtles fan, and if our live chats are anything to go by there are a considerable number of you, this is going to be a must. But its familiar characters might just be the hook that brings new or lapsed RPG players curiously round your table.

Stormlight Archives

Building on Brandon Sanderson’s iconic series of the same name, publishers Brotherwise Games have worked in collaboration with the author to create original lore and develop a brand new RPG experience that is still somewhat shrouded in secrecy.

The bits of information they have shared, however, include gameplay using a d20 and an additional “plot die” that is brought in when a player attempts something particularly risky. This would suggest the new game might be a great opportunity for any player who wants to branch out further into the RPG ecosystem without straying too far from the familiar.

Players will also be able to create multi-class characters and have them join one of the 10 Orders of the Knights Radiant that readers of the series will already be familiar with.

Assassin’s Creed

A series that really needs no introduction, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has ruled the roost in video games and tried its very best with a movie, before it finally hits our table tops in 2024.

Smartly, the game doesn’t appear to stray very far from the source. Your characters are descended from Assassins of history, with their memories stored in your DNA. By connecting with those ancestors you take part in the war waged against the Templars in an effort to preserve humanity’s free will.

But open creativity appears to be an integral part of playing this version of the game, with players being encouraged to explore all parts of their character’s history in a non-linear fashion.

And it comes with a free app. This is what the future looks like. And also the past. Sort of.


Another video game entering the TTRPG space, Diablo promises to open the gates of Hell in 2024.

This new version will continue the lore of the wildly successful series, which sees the hero slay their way through hell and back again. Here, players will be able to create their own characters – or ‘champions’ to use the proper parlance – and dive deeper into what is being described as the “ever shifting world” of Sanctuary and the demons that populate it.

Details are still relatively thin on the ground, but promises have been made about a fast-paced combat system, multiple opponents to be fought at once, and a “unique” ruleset that will set the game apart from others in the genre and allows the team to put together “The Best Diablo Experience.”.

Dungeons and Dragons – One D&D

Still what many would consider to be the ultimate synonym for the RPG, Dungeons and Dragons will be releasing the latest edition of the genre behemoth.

Wizard are calling it an “evolution” of the game, and all sources point to this new version – codenamed ‘One D&D’ – being compatible with 5e.

Details are still relatively thin on the ground, but it’s believed the updated handbooks containing the new rules will be both more approachable for new players AND much bigger. In addition, the expectation is that a number of new monsters will be added, with some outlets suggesting as many as 80 new critters to get acquainted with.

One thing’s for certain – the ever-growing interest in this classic shows no signs of stopping, so the stage is set for this next step to bring a whole new generation of players into the RPG world.