What are the NRB cast most looking forward to at the UKGE?

The UK Games Expo is almost here and we at NRB couldn’t be more excited. From Friday’s Communist Party Conference to the biggest EVER House Rules on Sunday, it’s sure to be an amazing three days for everyone involved. Today we caught up with some of the NRB cast members to find out what they’re most looking forward to.

“I’m so excited for Games Expo to see all the games, and to meet loads of other table top game players! It’s always such a joy going to conventions just to be surrounded by other folks who love the same things that you do, and I cannot wait to be in that atmosphere.” – Blair

“Expo is always an eclectic wonderland! I’m always looking forward to hanging around the Chaosium stall and buying yet more Call of Cthulhu books, as well as finding out what exciting new indie rpg developers are putting out. Inevitably, I’ll end up buying yet more dice!” – Dom

‘We all cannot wait for the UKGE! We love performing in front of live audiences and we can’t wait to meet some of the people who have supported us so much over the last few years. Also I want to buy every copy of Unmatched that I can find, but that’s just my personal goal for UKGE.’ – Sullivan

“UKGE is always such an amazing event: I always look forward to getting the chance to check out all of the latest board games and RPGs. This year I’m super excited to visit Darrington Press and see what they’ve got on offer, and try to nab myself a copy of Eat The Reich from Rowan, Rook and Decard. Other than that I’m very excited for our shows and some guest appearances with the other live entertainment throughout the weekend!” – Laurie

“I’m really looking forward to all our live shows and getting to meet all of the wonderful NRB fans from around the country/world!” – Tilly

“This year will be my third weekend at the UKGE and I am so excited! I’m mainly looking forward to playing some games with friends, browsing through TTRPG books and maybe even seeing if I can pick up some crystals carved into the shape of Pokémon (there were some last year)! It’s also a great place to get to meet the NRB community in person, and I’m looking forward to saying hello to folks!” – Holly

“I’m most excited about chatting with loads of NRB fans, playing You Know It! with everyone at the stand, and doing Werewolf: Live and Board Game Clubs on stage. Gonna be so fun!” – Jon

Come and hang with the NRB crew at the UK Games Expo. Please note in addition to the event ticket you also require a Show Entry Ticket.