Dommunists Unite! A Message from your Glorious Leader

Order No. 227 – Not One Step Back!

Loyal Domrades! There is not a moment to waste! The Battle for the UKGE is at hand! Only those firm in their convictions, pure in their morality, and strong in their courage stand a chance of victory. Would you have them say that the Dommunist Party is weak? Will you tolerate the lies of our enemies? When the time comes, will you be cowering in the trade hall, doused in sweat, and laden with the overly large boxes of Eurogames that you’ve remortgaged your properties in order to buy, or will you be sat in a comfy yet egalitarian seat, bearing witness to the show trial of the century!?

On the 31st May, the Dommunist Party will assemble at the UK Games Expo to celebrate the emancipation of the workers, and put notorious ne’er-do-wells Tilly ‘woman-of’ Steele, Laurie ‘Corporate Shill’ Blake, Ivan Brett from the aptly-named The Traitors (because he is a horrible, nasty traitor), Blair ‘The American’ Sheppard,  and Holly ‘Holly’ Musgrave on trial for crimes against Dom. The impartial and fair judge will be me, Stalin.

I have been reading with eagerness the lists of names who have already bought tickets to NRB’s Dommunist Day event at the UK Games Expo. But I notice, with some surprise, that there are notable absences from the lists! These names have been added to a separate list – a list of cowards – and will stay there until I am satisfied that their attendance is confirmed.

Perhaps these people think they are better off retreating away from the Front, of abandoning their duties to the international proletariat of board gamers, and allowing traditional board games to continue their oppression of our people. These traitors would have you all huddled at home with your basic family units, playing Cluedo, Snakes & Ladders, or, worst of all, Snap!

There is a better world! A world of Dommunist games for everyone! And if you attend, everyone will include you! It is these socialist realist games that will form the means of testing our defendants. We shall begin with Secret Stalin, a wonderful card-based game where players will try to purge the Politburo of counter-revolutionary influence, and then we shall put our groupthink to the test by playing Collective Mentality, a guessing game that will expose those who do not think in line with the Central Committee of Attending Audience Members, or with our Glorious Leader: me.

So, if you haven’t yet secured your ticket for Dommunist Day, you must hurry! There will be no mercy towards the bourgeois last-minute ticket buyers! The Revolution can not be delayed! Our glorious games will depend on your participation to bring the traitors to justice! There can be not one step back towards Monopoly and Ludo – only forwards, to Birmingham, to the NEC, to the UKGE, and to victory!

I look forward to seeing your name on the list.

In solidarity,

Comrade Dom

Domrades! Show your support for the Dommunist Party and join your Glorious Leader at the UK Games Expo. Please note in addition to the event ticket you also require a Show Entry Ticket.