10 Questions with Rosie Nicholls

Tell us one thing about you that the audience won’t already know.

Oh gosh, how personal should I be (laughs)? I have marmite and tahini on toast every day. How about that? If you want something board games related then I own 32 packs of cards.

Which NRB member has the most interesting hidden talent?

It’s not really a hidden talent but Ken is a stand-up comedian. I’ve been to watch his radio show and it was excellent. Tilly is also a stand-up comedian. She’s very funny. Sullivan is an insanely good writer. He’s such a funny and silly person that people perhaps sometimes don’t take him seriously, but he’s a very very good writer. Dom is an incredible actor. Honestly, everyone on NRB is amazing. They’re all such wonderful, multi-talented people.

What’s been your favourite game to play on NRB and why?

I really loved Sheriff of Nottingham. It was right up my street – betting, deception, risk-taking, and all that stuff. That was so good and it was also really close too, which I feel is the measure of a good game. I loved playing The Thing. That was good. I think Telestrations online was one of my most favourite ever because people having to draw to a computer completely levels the playing field. 

If your personality was a board game, which one would it be and why?

I think it would be Cribbage, which is a card game but it’s a card game with a board. I think that counts? It’s tactics, it’s math, it’s risk-taking, it’s poker face. It’s full of planning but you also have to be willing to take a risk. Yeah, that’s my game.

What’s one board game you think is underrated and deserves more attention?

I’m going to say Patchwork. Everyone likes Patchwork, you know, it’s a staple of the board game world, but it is a BRILLIANT game. I really do think it’s a fantastic game. It’s so creative but there’s also an element of planning which I think people don’t appreciate.

If you and the NRB team were stuck on a desert island, what one game would you take to keep everyone occupied?

Okay, let’s think about the personalities of all the NRB people… Sullivan wants everyone to have a nice time. Dom would want to take over the world. I would want something with a bit of gambling. Ken would want social deduction. Tilly would want role playing. Laurie would want something he could crack bad jokes about. Holly would also want role playing. Blair would want something with acquisition. Jon would want something simple so he would have a meltdown as being on an island would be very stressful for him. What game works for everyone…? Honestly, it would probably be Blood on the Clocktower. Maybe we’d need to make a hybrid between Clocktower and Communist Monopoly. Or perhaps I’d take China Town. People could get into character as owners and traders. They can acquire different things. Sullivan can go around and check if people are okay. Jon can have his meltdown in private. Yeah, I think that’s probably the best one.

If the NRB team members were in a horror movie, who would be the first to die and who would make it to the end?

For comedy value, I think Dom would be the first to die but he’d be really cross about it and then come back as a ghost. He’d probably end up being the MVP of the film. I think, unfairly, that Jon would make it to the end but then he’d tank it. He’ll get through by the skin of his teeth and maybe even defeat whatever monster is in the movie but it wouldn’t be by skill, it would be by pure luck. The rest of us would all end up being the collateral but I think we’d all be happy to do that to help Jon out.

Who do you think is the most competitive NRB team member?

I think Holly’s quite competitive. She really wants to win and she’s very open about that. You never feel like you’re having a bad game with Holly but you know that she’s going to play the game properly to the nth degree. Dom is very competitive but it goes off the rails very quickly. It never fails to be entertaining. Sullivan is weirdly competitive. I’m also weirdly competitive but I’m competitive only to the length of wanting everyone to have a nice time. If you’re competitive to the point that you’re getting a bit too into it and making others feel a bit uncomfortable then that’s not very good. I don’t love playing with people like that. I have quite a few family members like that (laughs).

Have you ever considered cheating at a board game, and if so what was your self-justification?

I wouldn’t say it’s something I ever consider to be honest. It ruins the game. I get accused of cheating a lot, but I think it’s done in a way to put me off my game. You know, if you accuse someone of cheating and then they get annoyed, lose focus and then lose (laughs)? I’d say that’s cheating actually. Perhaps I’d cheat if other people were cheating, if the game had fallen apart and everyone’s cheating then sure, I’d probably cheat too. Plus the best game with playing cards is Cheat. It’s literally the best game. There’s only one rule and that is to cheat. In all seriousness I probably wouldn’t cheat. The idea stresses me out. I’ve met people who cheat before and I’ve just been like, “Oh my god, what world are you living in where this is a nice thing to do?”

What’s your favourite joke of all time and why?

Me and my sister write jokes to each other every day. We pick a different word every day and then send jokes to each other based on that theme. One day, it had to be about butter. We were sending butter jokes back and forth to each other. “Hahaha I’m spread too thin at work” and stuff like that. I told Sullivan that we were doing butter jokes and then he came up with this joke about a guy in New York who goes to his mum’s funeral. He looks into the casket and it’s just full of bus and tubs of margarine. He looks at it again and says in his New York accent, “I can’t believe it’s not buttah!” It’s pretty good and he told it off the cuff.