10 Questions with Blair Shepperd

Tell us one thing about you that the audience won’t already know.

Oh, that’s tough because I talk to them about a lot of things! I think they won’t know that I used to do competitive Scottish Highland dancing when I was younger. I did it for a long time. I was really into sports growing up. I played soccer from elementary school right the way through to high school alongside the Scottish Highland dancing. It was only the dancing that I did competitively though… Yeah, I don’t think they know that (laughs).

Who on the NRB team has the most surprising hidden talent, and what is it?

The one that immediately comes to mind, but I think most of the fans know this already, is that Laurie can juggle. It’s not really something he talks about but sometimes he’ll just start juggling and it’s like, “What? Oh, yeah. Cool!”

What’s been your favourite game to play on NRB and why?

I really enjoyed Decorum because it was fun. We were all working together so it was cooperative, but we were still so sassy with each other (laughs). It’s a game where you’re all roommates and you’re trying to make your house look good for everyone. So you can’t have anything that offends other people and everyone has to have something that they love. Each person will be given an objective at the beginning of the game, and using that objective you have to work out things like how you’re going to paint the bathroom or how you’re going to decorate the living room. It just turned into the most passive aggressive game that I’ve ever played and it was so funny. I really really enjoyed that game. I actually went out and bought it afterwards because I loved it so much.

If your personality was a board game, which one would it be and why?

That’s tricky. What game would I be…? I’ve only played it once but I’d say something like Calico. It has lots of cats and cats are pretty much my whole personality (laughs). I also like organising things so that works well, but it’s mostly about the cats to be honest. 

What’s one board game you think is underrated and deserves more attention?

There’s a game that I played a long time ago that not many people had heard about. It was while I was working at a board game cafe in New York. Basically, I would tell everyone who came in about this game because I thought it was really great, and somehow it ended up becoming our most sold game at that time next to Monopoly. It’s called One Deck Dungeon. It’s a dungeon crawler where you get to roll so many dice, which is super satisfying because as you build your character you get to roll more dice. All of the characters are fem-presenting, which is really cool. I think it was one of the earlier girls to do that, especially in a fantasy setting. It’s just a really satisfying little game that you can play by yourself or with others.

Another little box game that I only recently found out about is called Regicide. It’s another little card game. Each card has different abilities, and you’re always going up against another more powerful card. As you go through, it’s also kind of a dungeon crawler, but with just one set of cards. The artwork is really beautiful too. I’d recommend that one as well.

If the NRB team were characters in a horror movie, who would be the first to go, and who would be the final survivor?

I don’t want to toot my own horn but I think I might be the final girl (laughs). It’s purely because someone on NRB has called me the final girl before, and I hold that as a badge of pride. Who do I think would be the first to go? This feels so mean to say but I don’t think she would mind me saying this because I live with her and know how clumsy she can be at times – Holly. That being said, she is very smart so I think maybe she would figure out some way of getting out of a sticky situation. Let’s be real, Laurie would probably be the final survivor. He’s very clever and we’ve seen how he can beat everyone else at an arm wrestle. He’d probably just climb out of danger using his bouldering skills.

Do you have a board game guilty pleasure, something you love that might not be considered ‘high brow’ gaming?

I love a good dexterity game, which I know isn’t considered the most ‘thoughtful’ of games. There’s something just really satisfying about them. I also like silly games, you know, the ones you don’t have to take too seriously. I love Gloom because it’s just creating a silly story, though it does go on a little too long.

Have you ever considered cheating at a board game, and if so what was your self-justification?

I’m sure I did when I was a kid. I probably just wanted to win. There was definitely an incident in first grade involving Pokemon Monopoly, but I think I also didn’t fully understand the rules. Now though, I really don’t like cheating. If I realise that I’ve accidentally cheated, I feel so horrible. The whole point of playing a game is to work it out and have fun with it. Even though I am competitive, I don’t let that ruin the point of the game. I never understand why people cheat. 

Who is the most competitive NRB team member?

I think we all have a good balance of caring a lot about the game, wanting to win, but also just wanting to have a good time. I’ve mentioned myself that I’m quite competitive but it’s mostly that I want to give my best shot at a game, rather than “I have to win!” I think a lot of people in the cast are like that. Jon’s competitive, but competitive in the same way. He just wants to have fun with it and give his best try.

What’s your favourite joke of all time and why?

There’s only one that I can ever remember because I’m terrible at remembering jokes. It’s very much a day joke though – There was a guy who was at the doctor’s. He’d just woken up from surgery and he goes, “Doctor! Doctor! I can’t feel my legs!” And the doctor says, “I know. I cut off your arms!”

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